Time for a layout -
    finally some real space.

Initial plans were for a simple 8ft x whatever yard, based on Gracefield to display my models.

The idea was to go for a goods yard scene, Gracefield, late 1960s, with the goods transfer shed as its focal point.

But now, I have use of the four walls of a double garage. Always wanted a long loop to run proper long trains, and reproduce in some freestyle way, Gracefield yard and Woburn station as they were in 1969.

Woburn was an interchange for Gracefield yard (and still is for Hutt workshops) to the Main Wairarapa Line. And Gracefield yard was the gateway to a myriad of sidings all over Seaview.

It's kind of boring and flat unfortunately, but the grand plan is for an upper level single or double main running loop that runs all the way around the garage walls including across the front main doors.

The right wall section will run through a slightly shortened representation of Woburn station. Maybe scenic the rear wall section with a typical country station with goods shed and stock yard. Still mucking around with that track plan. It suits a single rather than twin track look ?

And just like Woburn, my plan is for a junction to Gracefield yard, seen on the plan running from the corner of the right and front walls, using a gentle gradient to run along the the front and left walls to connect to a lower level at the rear (for Gracefield Yard) and right walls (for storage sidings).

The big loops will not only be used to run my NZOO stuff, but also my Triang Transcontinental freight and pax collection, and some HO CN stuff that are souvenirs from my trips to Canada. Looking forward to seeing an Alberta grain train running through Woburn!
This is a pencil plan for the upper level, done in AnyRail. AnyRail is pretty neat I reckon. I only use the free version with limited elements, and so just use lines to represent long runs of track.


Upper level running loops (click to enlarge)






Lower level Gracefield, and storage sidings to the right, aka Seaview (click to enlarge)



First up, building the big goods transfer shed.



More to come. . .