Time for a layout -
    somewhere to display models for now.

A while ago I was given a sheet of 5-ply and decided to use it as a module to at least display my models.

The idea was to go for a goods yard scene, Gracefield, late 1960s, with the goods transfer shed as its focal point.

Using the free (for basics anyway) AnyRail program I designed a yard, very very loosely based on, a very cut-down Gracefield, and using Hutt City historic aerial views, was able to make a scale outline of the goods shed and see how everything fits.



Layout plan in AnyRail showing the shed and its internal platform.


The module can be expanded via the entry/exit road on the left, and by two roads top-right. This follows the prototype in as far as the left exit is off to Woburn, and to the right are various industrial sidings, mostly oil installations.

Using a few sheets of A4 taped together and folded, a scale outline was made to see how things fitted.


An idea of scale of the goods shed with Lc, Kp, and La wagons.


First up, building the big goods transfer shed.



More to come. . .