Woburn station


Overview of the original
Some of the dates are a bit lost in time, but the original Woburn station was built in time for the opening of the Hutt Valley branch on Thursday 12th May 1927. The building had dormers, and was only half the size of the later version of the 1950s, before it was shrunk back to almost original size following a fire in the 2000s

The later version of the 1950s was made by marrying it to the identical Waterloo station building when the latter was replaced by an Art Deco version in concrete. The 1950s version will fit my model year of 1969.



This is a copy of the original PWD drawing for Ava, Woburn and Waterloo stations.
I've added (top left) a composite side elevation showing dormers removed,
and Waterloo tacked on to the north end of Woburn, along with measurements
in mm for OO scale.



Original Woburn's twin, Waterloo station. A snip from a Retrolens aerial of 1939



These snips of old Retrolens aerials from 1939 (L) and 1969 (R)
show how the original Woburn station was elongated by attaching
the old Waterloo building to its north end. Note that the domers have been removed.



Construction notes

Construction is fairly typical 1920s, using standard size windows and doors appearing on many NZGR stations.

Doors, single - 7ft x 3ft 6"
Doors, double - 7ft x 2ft each leaf

Windows - 6ft 6" x 3ft, 2 x 6-pane drop sash.

Cladding - 8" rusticated weatherboard.

Roofing - 3" pitch corrugated iron.

Rail used as reinforcement to support awnings

Name boards - 18" high with 9" letters (see MRJ article for details)


First sketching of end elevation in OO scale




More to come. . .