Favouritest links page


The bestest ever train video. Download it, stick it at your TV and crank up the sound. AWESOME!

The two scenes from 2:18 are especially genius.

I salute you Mr. Bond.


  A close second - snow ploughing, Kiwi styles.



NZR 1:76 Scale Modelling on FaceBook.

3D Printed NZR models by Matt on Facebook

Motorised Dandruff - Herr Druff's NZ120 blog. The best posts ever on scratchbuilding NZR prototypes, and in NZ120 scale.

Steel Rails - A KiwiRail LE's blog - brilliant photos and fascinating behind the scenes stuff. (no longer updated)

NZ120.org - "Home of the chosen scale for New Zealand model railways"

New Zealand Railway Models - Peter's very busy blog on 3D print NZR & Kiwirail Trains

Modelling Victorian Railways - David Baillie's excellent, informative site on scratchbuilding VR in the '70s, in HO.

KiwiBonds - Great reference for NZR wagons, along with fantastic railway scenic photography.

Valley Signals - Everything you ever wanted to know about signalling but were afraid to ask.
                        Excellent Hutt Valley reference too!

TradeMe - Search for NZR - and check out some nice NZR model photos. Sometimes.

Tri-ang Model Railways - Lotsa nostalgia here !


There's some very very nice Sn3.5 and 9mil NZR sites out there to be admired too. Don't be over-awed by the incredible detail and craftmanship you see - use them for great inspiration and guidance for getting that NZR "look".

Modelling the Dream - Grant Morell's site. NZR, in 64th scale, including THE most fabulous scenic work you will ever see in your life - the Kerosene Creek layout. Wow! Not a big fan of bush/logging type layouts but this just blew me away first time I saw it in the flesh. And still it is being improved as time permits! Check it out at model rail conventions. Amazing.

New Zealand Rail 120 - Lewis's Blog spot. Like me, originally inspired by Motorised Dandruff.

Bay of Plenty TrackGang - Group promoting the modelling of NZR in any scale. Many photos of all sorts here!

NZR Modeling in the UK - A blog following the construction progress of "Kopikopiko" layout.

North Shore Model Railway Club - Check out members' models photos.